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Okay, I need a place to collect all my crazy ideas. Those are the things I don't write myself for one reason or the other, so I noted them down in promt-form. Crazy things just keep popping up in my brain, I need to note them down somewhere.

On to the crazyCollapse )

Fic: coming home (1-4/?)

Title: coming home
Author: skiing_pelican
Characters/Pairings: John W, Dean and Sam W, Castiel
Rating/Genre: NC 13 (some language - blame Dean)
Word count: Wip
Spoilers: up to season 8 finale!
Warnings: none really. Might change as story progresses.

Summary: Dad suddenly comes back! As if the Winchester's lifes weren't complicated enough already. Sam needs to get better, Cas needs to learn how to be human, and now they also have to deal with him. Don't get them wrong, they love their dad - but John does have this effect on people.

Author notes: Story picks up where 8.23 left.

Read at Ao3 or FF!

Reviews feed a writers muse

fic: The Mage

Title: the mage

Author: skiing_pelican

Rating: NC 17

Genre and/or Pairing: established Dean/Cas, past Sam/Gabriel

Spoilers: none, really. You are fine if you know Cas.

Warnings: hurt/comfort, implied character death, transformation, kid!fic

Dean and Cas' daughter got captured, and when they went to rescue her, Dean was hit with a nasty spell that brings some life altering changes. As Dean adjusts to the new situation, they still need to hunt down the mage and his insane theater of supernatural.

Authors note:

This story is set in an alternate post season 5 AU, based on my fic A (new) Winchester's life. All the aspects of the verse will unfold as the story progresses, so I won't give much away here, except that Dean and Cas have lived the happy family life for about 13 years before this story. It's not necessary to know "a (new) Winchester's life" to read this. The story starts at an unusual point, but bear with me, this story will consist of much more than just angst and hurt/comfort and will have a lot of mood whiplash.


I own Joa and all other OC's that don't belong to Supernatural. Nothing more.

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art: for the love of pie

Just a silly doodle that took waaay to long to complete (And I know it's not like totally finished, but I'm lazy). Anyway, it was fun! And I know it looks more like a cake than a pie, but hey, it's just a comic-y silly thing, so bear with me, okay? lol.

Btw. I now have tumblr. Just click SkiingPelican. I'm still figuring out how it works, and I need more blogs to follow, so check mine out, and if you drop me your username I'll check yours out too. I'll blog and reblog mostly about SPN and Destiel, but there'll probably be fanthings for other shows too

see the comic!Collapse )

So, I've got Tumblr now

Since everyone is mentioning Tumblr here, I finally also got an account. Just look for SkiingPelican! Btw. I know it's a silly name, but I've used it since my first step into fandom so I stick with it!

And that means I need a few blogs to follow :) Drop me your Tumblr name and I'll check out your site!


Awesome card of awesomeness!

My first time in a bingo! So exited about this!

Crowley/ Meg Bela/Jo John/Bobby Gabriel/ Chuck Anna/ Castiel
Dean/ Crack Character Castiel/ Jimmy Chuck/ Becky Sam/ Castiel Dean/ Castiel
Bobby/ Jody Mills Crowley/ Samandiriel WILD CARD John/ Alastair Ruby/ Lilith
Gabriel/ Adam Ben/ Krissy Chambers Mary/ Michael Dean/ Jessica Crowley/ Kevin Tran
Dean/ Crossover Character Garth/ Gabriel John/ Jo Dean/ Victor Henriksen Jo/ Cassie

art: True Form

So, I haven't posted any fanworks in a while... so here, have a random angel in his true form. I was first going for rainbow colors, but the blue kinda fits for Supernatural angels, don't it?

Anyway, let me know what you think. This is really just a quick smudge done in a few minutes, but I kinda like it. Maybe I'll do another one with rainbow colors anyway. I'd like to hear what you guys think anyway!

No warnings, no spoilers, no fuss. Just a bit of smudgy true form angel. As nude as can be, but trust me, nothing to see here.

Also, on deviantart.

PicCollapse )


Art: Joa Sketch

A sketch of my OC Joanna Mary Winchester. She's Dean and Cas' daughter from the fic it's a (new) Winchester's life. See the sketch!Collapse )

Title: It's a (new) Winchesters life

Author: skiing_pelican

Artist: rayneshine

Fandom/Genre: Supernatural/post season 5 AU/humor, family, domestic, drama, baby!fic,

Pairing(s): Dean/Cas, Sam/Gabriel

Rating: NC17

Word Count: ~43 000

Warnings: turned-into-a-girl-Dean, Girl!Dean/Cas; Sam/Gabriel; (little bit) Angst; explicit het and slash (both Dean/Cas); violence; established relationship, language; fluff, fluff and more fluff

[Spoiler (click to open)]eventually Cairestiel; don't worry about underage issues, nothing inappropriate happens while Cas is in Claire's body)

Beta: oomnydevvotchka


We all know Dean really wants to have a family. When Gabriel finds out, he gives him the possibility to have one. While Dean deals with the weirdness of her crazy situation, her girly body, her absolutely not-girlieness, tremendous amount of girly sex, later a huge potbelly and an annoying teasing brother, Dean has to put up with Gabriel's trickster demeanor too.

And if that wasn't enough, heaven has plans with Dean. Again.

Set approx. two years after a slightly AU finale of season 5 where Michael surprisingly decided to side with the Winchesters. AU from there on. Anna was revived. Dean/Cas established relationship with explicit scenes, Sam/Gabriel side pairing. Featuring lots of other Supernatural characters. Mostly fluffety fluff, schmoop and dripping sappyness, but with some seriously angsty bits in the later half. Baby!fic, no M!Preg.

Author's notes:

This fic is pure self-indulgence. I wanted a happy alternative to season six. I wanted to develop a verse that organically follows season 5, with an unique plot. I wanted to write a believable fem!Dean who is really still the Dean we know. I wanted to give them the chance to be happy and have a family without m!preg and without a totally ooc fem!Dean or fem!Cas. I wanted to give them time to develop, heal, and outgrow their issues. I wanted to incorporate all what I love about Destiel and Supernatural. Actually, this fic is only a snippet of all that I have planned – I grew fond of this verse, and it's probably not the last fic, as it only scratches the big main plot I have in mind. I hope I pull off all that I mentioned before, so please tell me what you think! Only with feedback I'm able to develop as writer ;)

I know reading Dean about Dean as “she” might set off some readers. Believe me, it was weird for me too at first. But I have my reasons for it, so please don't turn the fic down because of it, give it a chance. As my beta pointedly said, it's probably not supposed to feel comfortable.

And last but not least, huge thanks to my beta and my wonderful Artistfor this really cute art! Also, a big thank you to the DC BigBang community for hosting this challenge! I'm exited to be a part of it and can't wait to read all the fic and look at all the art! THANK YOU!


Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Epilogue


Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Epilogue

(This is a version without sexual content that will be added in the next days. Leave me a message if you want me to alert you.)

Art link: Art Masterlist

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